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Welcome to NOS Gaming Forums
Welcome to the Nos Gaming Forums.

G’day guys, in the next couple of weeks there will be a big change to the NOS forums/website. With having to change our current site from a xoops shell, to Joomla, I’ve also had a think about what else we can be doing.

In the past NOS has been a PC Lan that has operated in Darwin N.T au for more than 10 years.

Every day I'm online sitting on my lounge reading tech reviews, gaming reviews and other information, combine this with years of experience in running Lans and gaming etc So I’ve decided to step into more than just being a forum of local Darwin gamers, but a portal for gaming and tech news for Darwin gamers (and beyond).

I’ll also look into getting reviews from Local shop retailers about Games they think we should have (after playing them themselves). I’ll troll the net for the best prices, local stores on games locally for Ps3 and Xbox as well as PC.

If anyones looking forward to a new game, let me know and i’ll hunt it up and link to articles/reviews to give you the best info possible. (Colonial Marine much ??!!)

If anyone would like to help with writing stories, reviewing new games or details of future events, helping with the new website (done on Joomla) then please let me know, the more Info that we have the better.

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